Circumcision Is Overrated And Isn't As Popular

July 18th, 2019 / Hillary K Bainny
| Circumcision Is Overrated

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If you're unfamiliar with uncircumcised men, it's likely you have heard or hear many "anti-uncut dick" stories and find the idea of the foreskin pretty gross. However, the only difference between someone who is “cut” or “uncut” is the foreskin. A mere centimeter of skin. That's it. And if you aren't keen enough, you may never see the extra skin. 

Talk about cut or uncut dicks just like most opinions surrounding sexual organs, is subjective. What I find pretty disturbing is women in Uganda treating uncut dick as an "Ewwww thing." For starters, even in the United States, the lead advocates of circumcision, people are beginning to second-guess circumcision, with rates of newborn procedures dropping in the last decade to around 60% (and even lower on the West Coast). 

For the record, I am not cut, and thank my parents for having not "forcefully" gotten my beautiful skin cut off, when I was young. However, when I got of age, they advised me to get cut, and I told them, I didn't think it was necessary. 

I'm sure at least some of you readers are now assuming that I've therefore spent my life subjected to all forms of ridicule, disease, and scorn. But actually, most of what you assume about uncircumcised men is dead wrong. Let me debunk some common misconceptions for you.

One of the most misleading is that Uncircumcised dicks or penises look weird. For the record, all erect dicks look the same! When a man becomes erect, his “hood” recoils and the head pushes its way through. I have not received a single complaint from any previous sexual partners about the appearance of my penis. When you are in the heat of the moment, all your partner cares about is whether it's the right length, size, and whether the man knows how to use it. 

Most of my sexual partners didn't even know I was uncircumcised, because the extra skin disappears once the penis is erect. The skin at the end of my penis is easily moved back and forth. Anytime "the skin" is pulled back, my dick takes on the "normal" appearance most men and women are accustomed to, courtesy of porn and movies - "American stereotyping."

In January this year, I was with this lady on a night out, and she told me how she wouldn't suck cut dick because it looks weird. Later that night I moved in with her to her place. She sucked my dick in peace. The next morning, I debunked the wrong perceptions about uncut dick on my Whatsapp status feed that generated a lot of debate and conversation about uncut dick. Sleeping next to me, she asked me, "Why I am defending UNCUT dicks, yet I am cut?" I told her that I am uncut and she couldn't believe it. I told her to get the duvet off me, and she did. For the next few minutes she was speechless, and seemingly in shock as she looked at my not erect uncut dick. 

"Did it look weird, last night?" I asked her. "No, it didn't," she replied. "I can't believe I sucked uncut dick," she continued. "Last night it looked like cut dick. Are you really sure you are uncut?" She still asked. "Let me turn you on again, and see how it shall look," she said. She gave me yet another handjob and I got erect again. "Dick all looking cut," she said and pounced on my dick and sucked me in peace. Since then, her perception about uncut dick looking weird has changed.

Then there is the myth associated with, Circumcision doesn't inhibit a man's sexual pleasure. I hate to break it to you, but this one is completely untrue. Lopping off skin on the penises means hacking off "fine-touch neuroreceptors" that respond to light touch. Skin is packed with nerve endings. If you remove the skin, you lose those feelers. And if you've ever had a piercing or scar in your life, you know a thing or two about scar tissue… which reduces sensation even more. Studies have unsurprisingly found that circumcised men have reduced sensitivity in their penises.

I hate to break it to you, yet again, that the head we, uncut guys receive is out of this world. Leave out! Oh Oh Oh. Babe suck dick and takes you to heaven. The sensuality is out of this world. I even wonder how cut guys enjoy head. Seriously, it baffles me. 

The most misleading and stupid myth of them all is, Uncircumcised dicks or penises are dirty! Very Very wrong again. Hygiene may be an issue for children, or for people living without access to bathing water, but it's ridiculously easy to keep an uncircumcised penis clean. It takes a little more effort to pull back the extra skin and clean thoroughly, but in almost 25 years of life, I have never had an infection, foul odor, or any other issue the uneducated and uninformed associate with intact penises. I was taught at an early age how to take care of that part of my personal hygiene... just like I was taught to brush my teeth and wipe my own ass.

Also women have a lot going on down there. If with all those folds, they can clean up and are so hygienic, how about cleaning dick? It is very narcissistic and misogynistic of women to think that they know how to take care of their vaginas, and they are clean, while thinking uncut guys are dirty. Women show some respect! An experience with a dirty man, doesn't mean uncut dicks are dirty. Tell your men to be mindful of their hygiene. Besides the norm has always been showering or cleaning up before sex, right?

A man can very easily clean his manhood. All he has to do is peel the foreskin back while he's in the shower, and rinse the head with water. That's about it.

I also hate to break it to you once again, that Circumcision isn't as popular as you have long thought. It is estimated that only 37–39 % of men globally are circumcised. With over 62% of such men doing so because of religion and 20% because of culture. With only 39% of men being cut, that means that the majority of men, over 61% are not circumcised. 

What countries practice circumcision?

Many African nations and nations with a predominately Muslim or Jewish citizenry practice circumcision. Canada and Australia were once known for their snipping, but rates are steadily declining. 


However, most European nations don't participate.


Less than 10% of guys in the following European nations are circumcised:


Armenia (0.1%), Austria (5.8%), Belarus (0.3%), Belgium (22.6%), Bulgaria (13.4%), Czech Republic (0.14%), Cyprus (22.7%), Denmark (5.3%), Estonia (0.25%), Finland (0.82%), France (14%), Georgia (10.6%), Germany (10.9), Greece (4.7%), Hungary (0.78%), Iceland (0.1%), Ireland (0.93%), Italy (2.6%), Latvia (0.38%), Lithuania (0.2%), Moldova (0.5%), The Netherlands (5.7%), Norway (3%), Poland (0.11%), Portugal (0.61%), Romania (0.34%), Russia (11.8%), Slovakia (0.15%), Spain (6.6%), Sweden (5.1%), Switzerland (5.9%), Ukraine (2.3%), and the United Kingdom (20.7%).


Less than 10% of guys in the following Latin American nations are circumcised:


Argentina (2.9%), Belize, Bolivia, Brazil (1.3%), Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica (14%), Mexico (15.4%), Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay (0.6%), and Venezuela (0.33%).

Some the other global powerhouses.

China - 14%

India - 13.5%

Singapore - 14.9%

South Africa - 44.7%

New Zealand - 33%

East African Countries, circumcision rates.

Uganda - 26.7%

Kenya - 91.7%

Tanzania - 72%

Rwanda - 13.3%

Burundi - 61.7%

South Sudan - 23.6%


It is very clear, that a good portion of the world is refusing to shed their skin, and circumcision is not as popular as we all thought. Let us cherish and embrace Uncut dicks in peace.

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