What No One Told You About The Male Orgasm

July 9th, 2019 / Hillary K Bainny
| Male orgasms are complex

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For years, women have complained about not climaxing or getting the Big O from their men during penetrative heterogenous sex. They have gone on a step further to Dick-shame men as having hard weak dick game. 

For years, we have been fed on the myth of the female G-spot and many women demanded you "hit" their spot, lest you wouldn't take her to heaven. To many a woman, men are selfish and never mind about the woman's orgasm, after he has cum. Fair enough?

Speak about the Big O, and every woman will think of the G-spot. If men do orgasm like women always think, then where is the male G-spot. The orgasmic experience is almost identical in both sexes, but men and women have different needs, expectations, and behaviors leading up to the Big O. 

Many females think male orgasms aren’t as controversial because they’re as simple as "white stuff." However, there’s a lot more to male orgasm. First of all, “the white stuff," that's ejaculation, but ejaculation and orgasm are two totally different things. Ejaculation is controlled at the level of the spinal cord. It’s like a reflex.

Even if your brain can’t communicate with your penis, like in men with spinal cord injuries - you can still ejaculate. Once you’re aroused enough, your body reaches the point of no return and has no choice but to shoot out semen.

So ejaculation and orgasm in men are distinct. Every man can/has ejaculated, but not every man has had an orgasm. In fact from this article, you may have every reason to question yourself as to whether you have really made your man orgasm before.

Although it seems simple enough, the male orgasm is actually a complex process. The G-Spot is an area found in men (with women there is no scientific evidence of it)  and is supposed to be the key to stronger and longer orgasms. 

Some men may already be aware of this erogenous zone, but others have no idea. The male G-Spot is actually what is commonly referred to as the prostate gland.

For many woke men, the idea of someone touching their prostate is a non-starter. But for other men, both straight and gay, exploring the prostate can bring new heights of sexual excitement and pleasure.

Regardless of the fact that the existence of the female G-Spot is still up for debate (researchers believe it’s actually just an extension of the clitoris), it’s still pretty impressive that the prostate contains many sensitive nerve endings that can provide a powerful orgasm.

The prostate is not just there to secrete prostate fluid – but can also bring men a lot of pleasure. The prostate is often referred to as the male G-spot. This area can be found at the neck of the bladder, inside the anus, about two inches in the rectum toward the belly. 

The orgasm from your prostate is a full body orgasm, and you feel a tingly sensation all over. This is opposed to the more isolated and direct pleasure from a regular orgasm through masturbation or penetration. In general, a prostate orgasm requires more time to warm up and more energy.

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