Of Women, Who Use Sex As A Negotiation Tool

May 3rd, 2019 / Hillary K Bainny
| A couple gets intimate

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Women are notorious for withholding sex to get back at their guy. Sex is a very powerful tool that women have been blessed with. We see women in movies using sex to get whatever they want.

They use it as a punishment if he didn’t take out the trash or as a bribe to make him buy that expensive necklace they want

It’s therefore imperative that all women embrace their sexual side and get the very best from men. Before we proceed, it’s important to note that we are not talking about prostitution here. Is using sex as a negotiation weapon healthy? It might seem like it works at first, but it’ll just make things worse in the end.

The only reason you shouldn’t have sex is if you’re not in the mood. And yes, it’s fine to say no if you’re angry.
Just don’t tell him you’re taking sex away because you feel like being mean. Sex is supposed to be fun, not a weapon to use whenever you want power over your guy.

Women can stay for many days, weeks, months and even years without sex, not we, men. Even the very men, (I won’t go VATICAN) who vow celibacy have a hard time trying to keep their vows. It’s as clear as day that very few men can do without sex. Having known that, it’s astonishing to hear of women who just refuse to have sex with their men then say stupid things like “I love him”.

You are depriving this man, your man, of something, he will struggle to live without.

In a relationship, especially new ones, it's every person's right to move forward at a pace that he/she feels comfortable with. If you're holding out to have sex until you're official, it's important not to "bribe" your man with the promise of sex in order to lock it down. You want your guy to fall for YOU, not the sex.

Sister, it hurts to tell you, that instead of drawing your man to you, you are instead driving him away. It is not like you are setting up any challenge or playing hard to get.

Withhold sex for no good reason is recipe for disaster. He expects you to not be in the mood during a fight or when you’re pissed. What he doesn’t expect is you telling him he’s not getting any until he does whatever it is you want him to do. He doesn’t have to put up with it and he’ll gradually leave if you keep it up.

And if you are lucky and he caves in, chances are he gets to improve his lying skills (especially in instances where you are holding out the sex, for you think he is not being honest with you) as he learns exactly what to say and how to say it to get back in your pants. You think he’s sincere, but he’s laughing at you on the inside.

Lastly, where is the fun in the sex, if it has been reduced to just a “NEGOTIATION?”

When sex becomes some type of punishment or reward only, it’s not fun anymore. I am sorry to say, it is further worsened when sex becomes another chore (Conversation for another day). Sex is supposed to be enjoyable for both of you. Using it as a weapon just ruins it. The more often this happens, the less enthusiastic he’ll be and you’ll find the passion fades away.

In conclusion, always postponing the sex until you feel you can get all the money you want in that relationship, won’t get you what you want, BUT WILL BE THE END OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP

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