Uk Visa Success And Rejection Rates In Uganda.

June 24th, 2019 / Hillary K Bainny
| Visa

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It's not easy for Ugandans and Africans in General to obtain a visa to visit some of their key preferred destinations like USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Australia. This analysis reveals that many visa applications to the UK by Ugandans are rejected, far more than for our peers in the region..

For a while, especially this year, dozens of Ugandans have been venting their anger to me and also further talked of frustrations and politics at the different visa offices in Kampala. They have talked of eligible applicants being denied Visas on “sham grounds” even after taking their visa application and wasting time preparing all the necessary documentation to allow them visit especially the UK.

This article covers the UK visa success rate and the UK visa refusal rate by Country 2018 for Entry Clearance Applications from outside the UK during April-June 2018. Apparently, the post highlights the UK visa success rate and refusal rates for all types of entry clearance applications.

Perhaps, during the UK standard visitor visa application assessment process, the decision maker usually takes into account the following aspects:

1. The Purpose of Visiting the UK

  • What could be a credible reason for visiting the UK?

2. Financial and Personal Circumstances of an Applicant

  • Ties to the country of residence

  • Changes in the circumstances (for repeat visitors)

3. Immigration and Travel History of the applicant

  • Compliance with the UK Immigration Rules (for repeat visitors)

  • Travels and Trips to Other Countries

  • Failure to Comply with the Immigration Law of other countries

4. Duration of Foreign Trips

  • Period of Time Spend in the UK

5. Is a visitor visa applicant making the UK his/her main home (for repeat visitors)

  • Assessment of the duration and frequency of visiting the UK

6. The risk perception of an applicant’s country of residence

  • The Situation of an Applicant’s Country of Residence

  • The Degree of Non-Compliance to Immigration Rules

7. Other possible grounds for doubting the intentions

  • Previous History of Deception

  • Discrepancies of Statements

  • Information Not Verifiable

  • Information and Reasons Not Credible

  • Baggage Search at the Border

It is difficult to pinpoint concrete reasons for most of these visa denials, as decisions on visa applications are made by the respective embassies based on objective criteria. Applicants must provide details about their income in order to prove that they can provide for themselves financially while in these countries, or must prove they know someone here who would be responsible for such costs.

Also, there must be a plausible reason for the application. In cases of family reunions, the applicant must prove that he or she is married or related to the person living in these countries. However, If one looks at the general view of Africa, it is widely seen as a continent marked by poverty, extreme inequality and high migration potential. This generally makes it hard for many Africans to be granted visas.

UK visa success and refusal rates by East African country 2018



Success Rate

Refusal Rate





















South Sudan




It is worth noting, that in the same quarter in 2017, Uganda had 2,095 visa applications. Of these, 881 were successful and 127 were rejections, a 34. 80% rejection rate.

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