Why Do Men Date Pretty Women, But Never Marry Them?

July 23rd, 2019 / Hillary K Bainny
| A pretty Lady

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“Why do most men go on about preferring hot women, but they end up marrying average looking women?”

Most men like the looks of a sports car. And, yes, they can be fun. However, they are high maintenance machines. Insurance is higher, they drink more gas, and the image is more with them. Nothing looks worse than an old sports car needing tires and paint.

Women tend to be like this. The type men want aren’t the best models out there.

So, the guy wants to “test drive” the sports models, but he wants one that can do more. These tend to be the less attractive looking ones. The ones who are good inside and out, loyal, dependable, and aren’t so much work. The Trumps of the world can handle the high maintenance women, as they have money and mostly want arm candy, but most men can’t swing this.

There is also the little fact that the hot women can change. If nature doesn’t do it, either aging or getting pregnant, then they may just let themselves go. Men do it too. He may work out every day to keep getting with hot women, but once he marries, the spare tire forms.

Personally, I learned all I needed about “hot” women ages ago. They aren’t what they seem. Too many look good, but have problems. The less attractive ones tend to be the better people. Mostly because they aren’t centered on themselves all the time.

Of course, this depends on the person.

For me, the girls I liked, were what I considered “normal.” The type most guys didn’t like. However, and for one in particular, she fixed up great. So great, in fact, she was a beauty contest winner several times over. You see, I didn’t get to know her as well as I would have liked to. Long story. But, I saw the girl as she was. When she fixed herself up to show off, she blew most people away. I didn’t find this out until 40 years later. As a rule, the prettier the woman/girl was, the less likely I was to ask her out. For one, I knew they wouldn’t consider it, which is why I didn’t ask her out. But, I didn’t have the courage then. What could she say? N0? Wow. Anyway, some girls just don’t put all their time into how they dress or whatever. To me, these are the really pretty ones. They’re the type you wake up with, naturally. No show. And, trust me, dating is too much show. It’s why most marriages don’t work.

My idea of a hot woman is different from your idea. We have a stereotype, thanks to the media. But, rarely is this woman what the woman is really like. She’s fiction.

And, some women don’t fit the mold. There is one girl I know who is really attractive. Hot doesn’t start here. Yet, inside, she’s showing a different person. She isn’t self centered, shallow, or any of that. The person she settles down with will be lucky, if I read her right. She has some physical imperfections, like piercings, but they are mostly from youth, which she still hasn’t gotten out of. If she’s 20, it will shock me. So, why she’s talking to a man old enough to be her great grandfather, I don’t know. Actually, I could probably add another great in there. You can be 50 today and have great grandchildren.

What I’ve seen is that most men want the hot women and end up settling for the one that will marry them. Or, the one they get pregnant. I see that a lot, and have for ages. In fact, that little bit of fun used to be the number one reason men got married. Today, they don’t have to.

The attractive women, or hot, tend to know they can play around with hundreds or thousands of men before they start to get to the point where they want to have one all the time. And, today, unlike in the past, women don’t feel they need a man. In fact, most of the women I know aren’t married. They divorced. Some, about half, have because of the new homosexual revolution. You see, in the past, being gay was risky. Today, you can be. So, why be married to someone to keep up a front? This is like marrying “arm candy” and getting tired of putting on the show all the time. Look how Trump does. He’s married but off with a prostitute. Yeah, real classy. At least, if he was gay, I could understand having married a woman he didn’t like for show. This way, it just speaks so much about how low he is.

So, the average man finds one and settles. One he is pretty sure won’t leave him and won’t say no. He won’t stop looking for the hot ones to add to his image, but he doesn’t want to lose the model he has at home, either.

I think the kids today have a saying about women being like motorcycles and mopeds. You want to be seen riding a motorcycle, not a moped. But, the moped is fun and works. It just isn’t all show.

Me? I’ll take the ones like my wife. I found her very attractive and very special. Even as cancer ravaged her body, I loved her and was attracted to her. You can keep your hot models and plastic women. I’ll take one I’m attracted to on more than one level and that feels the same about me. These are the ones that go the distance in life.

This article was originally written and posted by John McAllister, on Quora.

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