Basummer The Series: The Stories You Are Never Told

May 24th, 2019 / Hillary K Bainny
| Many girls have been hoodwinked into thinking its all gold out there

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I was over the moon when we first met and he asked if he could phone me. His voice was beautiful, he was articulate and asked me lots of questions.  I couldn’t wait to meet him again. We met in Guvnor.

Brian looked too good to be true – a stunning man and a great bio on Facebook that made me believe he was rich, intelligent, that he was highly educated and believed in equal rights for all.

After a few days, he called me and asked if he could pick me up but I told him I’d prefer we met somewhere in public just because I like to play it safe, and many years ago I came close to being raped by a first date, so I’m extra cautious at all times.

Anyway we met outside a hotel that he suggested, one that I usually would not enter because its very expensive and there’s said to be a huge waiting list. "Don’t worry, I know people, we’ll get in no problem," he said. The hotel being, Kampala Serena Hotel.

So I waited out the front and up rolled a sleek ML Benz and out stepped Brian looking a million bucks. He had a bunch of white roses for me, and I was swept away quite quickly- and I’m not usually that shallow!  We had a great table right on the water, and while I wouldn’t say he was 'big noting' himself, he did drop a lot of hints about being rich into the conversation.

For example when I told him I’ve never been in a Benz he said, 'I drive a similar car back home for my weekends, I’ve also got a Porsche and sometimes I borrow my dad’s Maserati.'  

I am far from being a car expert but anyone knows that those cars scream wealth. He told me he lived in central London. I had no reason not to believe him. He told me he was working at his dad’s finance business and on the side he was studying for his MBA.  The other thing I liked was that he was very attentive and kept leaning over to kiss me on the cheek: and I wasn’t complaining one bit!

At the end of the night he asked if we could go back to my place but I said I want to take it slow. He asked if he could see me in a couple of weeks. Why in two weeks?

I knew I was losing a goldmine and I had to give in. I told him, it would be best if we went to his place. He had a room in Serena Hotel. That very night we made love. I must admit he was great in bed. I loved the way he touched me. The way he paid attention to detail to my body was so erotic.

We went on many dates after that and it was a sex-fest as usual. I had met my Prince Charming. At this point, I was no longer attracted to him for his money, but his intellect and personality. In him, I saw a proud father to my kids.

About a week later, Brian had to leave the country and fly back to England – firstly I thought about joining him in London. I asked him if it was okay to join him in London, and he said, that would be great. I started processing my visa and luckily enough my visa was approved.


I’ve been in a relationship where I was lied to excessively and it’s one thing I was not ready to tolerate.

On getting to London, I was in for a shock of my life…. "Rich Brian" lived in a ONE BEDROOM SHARED APARTMENT!!!!! He had lost his job and was struggling at the moment.

It was a bit cowardly of me, but I found it easier just to walk away.

The sad thing is that if he had told the truth, I wouldn’t have held it against him. He was so good-looking and so fun and nice, I would have loved to have known him even more. But the fact that he lied so blatantly to me, made me feel like rubbish.

What was it about me that made him feel he had to lie to me? There was nothing about me that said that I am wealthy – I was very middle class and while I had a good job, I was far from being rich. It wasn’t as though he was having to impress the daughter of a mining magnate.

To be continued……..

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    Katura Brandon May 24th, 2019

    I think these ladies need to travel to these places and know its not all rosy for the young lads trying to make a living. They make enough money to spoil for a few weeks in Kampala but can't meet medical and accommodation expenses of their ailing parents.

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    Francis Alimpisa Mutungi January 20th, 2020

    Feeling pity for the young girl. How could she have known this guy was posturing without taking a little more time. But let me fault this guy for living a life not his own (lying). I really like being honest btw as much as I can remember, it's not yeilde